Daisy Balloon | naive TVCM

/March 25 , 2016

naive CM: 15 seconds / 30 seconds
Location: Japan
naiveee!: Kaera Kimura
Dress: Daisy Balloon

Website : http://www.naive-home.jp/cm/

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | JR Nagoya Takashimaya TVCM

/February 20 , 2016

Exhibition: Amour du Chocolat!
Date: 1.20-2.14,2016
Venue: JR Nagoya Takashimaya

Advertising company producer: Naoshi Miyagi
Curation: Daisuke Nagamori
Art Director / CM supervision: Yoshirotten,Koji Wagatsuma
Designer: Satomi Umezu
Editor: Yusuke Kasai
Steel photographer: Muga Miyahara
Movie photographer: Takashi Sekimori
Make up: yUKI
Hair: Ryoji Imaizumi
Stylist: Kanako Higashi

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Daisy Balloon | Tokyo Caravan

/October 19 , 2015
A new movement working with the concept “culture is traffic”, which projects various aspects of Japanese art, beginning with that of Tokyo, kicking off at the Rio 2016 Olympics & Paralympics, the Tokyo Caravan Squad will appear in various domestic and overseas locations to unravel a “Grand Cultural Circus”, aspiring to establish a continuous exchange that reaches beyond cultures and borders.

Public Workshop
Date : 8 Oct [thu]- 10 Oct [sat], 2015
Open : 12:00-sunset
※Saturday will open until 16:00
※Seating will not be available during Public Workshop

Workshop Showcase
Date : 10 October [sat], 2015
Open : around 18:00-19:00 (will commence after sunset; due to last about an hour)
※Reception will be started from 17:00
※May be cancelled in case of bad weather (will be announced on website)
※Application period for seating is closed now but spots for standing view will be available
Venue : Rubber Baseball Field, Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground
1-1 Komazawakoen Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0013
Entry : Free

Website : http://tokyocaravan.jp/index.html

General Supervisor : Hideki Noda (director)
Assistant Supervisor : Katsuhiko Hibino (artist)
Artistic Supervisor : Kohei Nawa (sculptor)
Organizer : Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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Daisy Balloon | ANNIVERSAIRE

/November 9 , 2014

Window Display : 10.20-11.20.2014

Artwork : Daisy Balloon

One particular bird has become a part of our lives.
What normally would have been a member of a flock of birds in nature
was born into our human society and now interacts with us as an individual.
As we showered her with affection, we started to take an interest in the ecological phenomenon of flocking.
If you think about it, we people come from a history of living in groups, with each person bringing their own color,
but in modern society we have become able to live independently.
Our connections are weakening as a result.
As with our bodies, we are made up of a great number of cells,
and this may be proof that we cannot be held up by just a single cell.

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Preserved Dress

/September 23 , 2014

Photography : Takuo Itayama

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | HARBOUR CITY Exhibition

/September 9 , 2014

Exhibition date : 9.4-10.19.2014
Location : HARBOUR CITY – Hong Kong

Cover Artwork :
Photography : Yoshihito Sasaguchi
Make-up : Tatsu Yamanaka
Hair : Ryoji Imaizumi
Stylist : Sohei Yoshida

Movie :
Director : Hirohito Fujiyasu
Photography : Hideaki Sakurai
CG : Yoichi Suzuki
VFX : Sho Yamaguchi
Edit : Yuichiro Nakata
Music / CI : Koki Nakano
Music / Making : Ryo Kaneda

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | A (patoron) and B (dancer)

/September 29 , 2013

Location: Berlin Germany

Stuff Credit :
Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photography: Jens Boldt
Styling+Coodinator : Yoppy
Hair : maria ehrlich
Make up : Nina Park
Model : Anouk A / Kimberly Schlegel / Lisa Johannes / Anna
Special Thanks to Oliver Detelich and Yosuke Demu
Moyou : Maya Shibuya

movie :
Editor:Shigeyuki Yamauchi / Yusuke Kaneko

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Björk at Fuji Rock Festival ‘13

/August 7 , 2013

Date : 7.27.2013
Location : Fuji Rock Festival ‘13

DNA dress : Daisy Balloon
Photo by Kenji Kubo

björk offical site :

björk biophilia special site :

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Exnviation

/August 6 , 2013

Client : Showa Real Estate
Website : http://www.showa-f.jp/philosophy/index.html
Title : Company Philosophy-Exnviation
Look1 : Share
Look2 : Communicate
Look3 : Exuviation

Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photographer : Satoshi Minakawa
Stylist : Kyoko Fushimi
Hair&Make-up : Noli
Model : Yuma, Yujun, misaki

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Pattern Dress 3

/May 17 , 2013

Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photographer : Satoshi Minakawa
Hair&Make-up : Masaki Moritani
Moyou : Maya Shibuya
Model : Ari

Cooperation :
Milife : JX Nippon Oil&Energy Corporation

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Pattern Dress 2

/May 17 , 2013

Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photographer : Satoshi Minakawa
Hair&Make-up : Masaki Moritani
Moyou : Maya Shibuya
Model : Ari

Illustrator : Kahori Maki

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Pattern Dress 1

/May 17 , 2013

Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photographer : Satoshi Minakawa
Hair&Make-up : Masaki Moritani
Moyou : Maya Shibuya
Model : Ari

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | PIECE OF PEACE

/December 10 , 2012

World Heritage Exhibit Built With Lego Brick
website : http://www.pofp.jp/

There is fear in that we are all different from one another, but that is also the gateway to self-consciousness.
Self-consciousness was once whole, but in the modern trend where all things whole get broken down,it too is about to get deconstructed.
For that reason, people now seek to reconstruct their consciousness by extending it onto others.
Through this process of extension, we have learned to unravel things down to their basic elements.
We are succeeding at digging up new knowledge of what it is we all share.
This knowledge that bonds different people together seems to appear suddenly,but in reality it is already coded into our planet, our universe.
We construct things from the most basic building blocks.
What are we to discover from this process?
To find the answer, we must continue to turn our gaze toward those around us. -text by Arata Sasaki-

Photo Credit :
Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photographer : Satoshi Minakawa
Hair : Dai Michishita
Make : Kanako Yoshida

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Tokyo Graphic Passport 2012

/November 20 , 2012

Exhibition date : 2012.10.21 sun – 11.4 sun
Exhibition title : rinten
Location : Trans Arts Tokyo
Organizer : Tokyo Graphic Passport(+81Creatives)

#1609A : photo by Kenji Takahashi
©Tokyo Graphic Passport

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Exuviation

/October 12 , 2012

Exhibition date : 10.6-7.2012
Exhibition title : Futakotamagawa Biennale
Location: Futakotamagawa Takashimaya

Exuviation :
In our eyes, there are no two moments that are identical.
We are forced to grow without being able to reflect back in satisfaction.However, there is a beauty in that very moment.
When our soul can no longer be contained within our body, it goes on a quest in search of a new vessel.
The empty shell left behind is proof that we lived.
We struggle in this brief moment we call life, but there is something to be treasured in that.

Stuff Credit :
Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Production : Atsushi Umezawa
Photography: Satoshi Minakawa
Styling : Kumiko Iijima
Hair&Make-up : Noboru Tomizawa
Model : Ninon Webb

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | MISIA CD Jacket

/June 22 , 2012

Artwork+Graphic Design : Daisy Balloon
Photography : Hiroshi Manaka
Hair & Make-up : Kaori Kobayashi
Stylist : Kyoko Fushimi

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Osaka Takashimaya

/April 6 , 2012

Exhibition date: 3.28-4.17.2012
Location: Osaka Takashimaya

Title :

The single moments that come together and become a cycle.
From our perspective, we visualize the process of new visions being created right before our eyes, and through this,
we express the transience and beauty of “the moment of spring.”

Daisy Balloon

Staff Credit :
Curation : Daisuke Nagamori / Naohito Miyagi / Momoko Yamada

Artwork+Graphic Design : Daisy Balloon
Photography: Hiroshi Manaka / Photo Retouch : Yoshiaki Sakurai
Make-up : Ken Nakano / Hair : Koji Ichikawa / Stylist : Koji Oyamada
Movie : Edit : Hiroshi Ouchi / Sound : Leo Sato

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Laforet

/December 24 , 2010

artwork :
rie hosokai (daisy balloon)+takashi kawada (kotenhits)
artdirection : rikako nagashima
photography : kazuhiro fujita
stylist : mana yamamoto
make-up : akihiro sugiyama (mod’s hair)

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | BEAR DRESS

/September 21 , 2010

artwork : rie hosokai (daisy balloon)
artdirection : takashi kawada (kotenhits)
photography : hiroshi manaka (tiimu)
head stylist : kunio kohzaki (tron management)
make-up : ebara (miyabi)

©daisy balloon


/September 21 , 2010

artwork : rie hosokai (daisy balloon)
artdirection : takashi kawada (kotenhits)
sound : leo sato


©daisy balloon