Daisy Balloon | Kyoto Takashimaya

/December 18 , 2013

Exhibition date: 11.26-12.25.2013
Location: Kyoto Takashimaya
Title : Wish a White

Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Photographer : Yasushi Kurihara
Curator : Daisuke Nagamori
Producer : Naohito Miyagi
Copy : Akihiro Maede

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Exuviation

/October 12 , 2012

Exhibition date : 10.6-7.2012
Exhibition title : Futakotamagawa Biennale
Location: Futakotamagawa Takashimaya

Exuviation :
In our eyes, there are no two moments that are identical.
We are forced to grow without being able to reflect back in satisfaction.However, there is a beauty in that very moment.
When our soul can no longer be contained within our body, it goes on a quest in search of a new vessel.
The empty shell left behind is proof that we lived.
We struggle in this brief moment we call life, but there is something to be treasured in that.

Stuff Credit :
Artwork : Daisy Balloon
Production : Atsushi Umezawa
Photography: Satoshi Minakawa
Styling : Kumiko Iijima
Hair&Make-up : Noboru Tomizawa
Model : Ninon Webb

©daisy balloon

Daisy Balloon | Osaka Takashimaya

/April 6 , 2012

Exhibition date: 3.28-4.17.2012
Location: Osaka Takashimaya

Title :

The single moments that come together and become a cycle.
From our perspective, we visualize the process of new visions being created right before our eyes, and through this,
we express the transience and beauty of “the moment of spring.”

Daisy Balloon

Staff Credit :
Curation : Daisuke Nagamori / Naohito Miyagi / Momoko Yamada

Artwork+Graphic Design : Daisy Balloon
Photography: Hiroshi Manaka / Photo Retouch : Yoshiaki Sakurai
Make-up : Ken Nakano / Hair : Koji Ichikawa / Stylist : Koji Oyamada
Movie : Edit : Hiroshi Ouchi / Sound : Leo Sato

©daisy balloon